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Authorized Bioderma Distributor USA – QH Distribution: What You Can Expect From Us?

In the next 2 minutes, you can access 10 reasons why you should partner with a 40-year-old QH Distribution – an authorized Bioderma distributor USA. Please sit back, relax, and let us walk you through our exclusive offerings.

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Authorized Bioderma Distributor USA – QH Distribution: What You Can Expect From Us?

Licenses or Certifications to Distribute Cosmetics in Your Region

To any beauty or skincare trading business, you deserve a distributor you can trust when it comes to sourcing the finest Bioderma products in the USA. At QH Distribution, we’re not just distributors but your dedicated partners in the beauty or skincare wholesale business. Here’s why you can have complete confidence in choosing us:

Authorized Bioderma Distributors: We are proud to be officially authorized distributors for Bioderma in the USA. This endorsement signifies our commitment to upholding Bioderma’s high-quality standards and ensures that you receive authentic Bioderma products every time you order from us.

Certified Expertise: Our certification from the Bioderma brand demonstrates our in-depth understanding of their products and their proper use. We stay updated with the latest advancements in skincare to provide you with the most accurate and relevant information.

Local Presence: Being based in the USA, we understand our American customers’ unique needs and preferences. You’re not just dealing with a distributor; you’re engaging with a local partner who understands the market’s specific demands. We are familiar with all types of cosmetic businesses, including your area, the unique markets in each state, and varying consumer preferences.

Diverse and Attractive Range of Cosmetic Products

Diverse and Attractive Range of Cosmetic Products
Diverse and Attractive Range of Cosmetic Products

We’ve got you covered for all your Bioderma bulk order needs. From popular and fast-selling products like Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Water to specialized solutions tailored to different skin concerns such as:

  • Sensibio for Sensitive Skin
  • Atoderm for Very Dry, Sensitive Skin
  • Sébium for Combination to Oily Skin
  • Hydrabio for Dehydrated, Sensitive Skin
  • Cicabio for Dry Skin Prone to Irritations
  • ABCDerm for Babies and Young Children
  • Pigmentbio for Hyperpigmented Skin

We offer a comprehensive range of Bioderma products, covering everything from facial care to body care and from Bioderma adults to Bioderma children. Whatever your Bioderma needs may be, we have it all.

With our industry expertise, you can rely on our recommendations for the ideal Bioderma product lines to purchase in bulk for your market. Having worked with numerous beauty wholesalers, retailers, e-commerce sellers, distributors, beauty stores, and even pharmacy chains across the US, we can also provide insights on which SKUs should be prioritized and increased in quantity.

Industry Standards Product Quality

Industry Standards Product Quality
Industry Standards Product Quality

Even better, we possess the necessary licenses and certifications for distributing cosmetics in the USA. We are Bioderma representatives in the market. This guarantees that our operations adhere to the highest industry standards, ensuring the safety of the Bioderma products we supply.

Moreover, whenever the formula is updated, or new products are launched, you’ll be the first to stay informed in the market. Isn’t that impressive? 

Exclusive Bioderma Wholesale Deals or Unique Offerings

Tailored to your specific needs and preferences, we will provide you with the most advantageous Bioderma wholesale solutions. Moreover, you can anticipate exclusive, one-of-a-kind offerings, as QH Distribution proudly represents over 300 beauty and cosmetics brands – partnerships we’ve nurtured over the past 40 years.

Distinguished from other conglomerates, we’ve forged strong connections with numerous American brands, which is why our pricing will always meet your expectations, never leaving you disappointed. 

Don’t hesitate to share your stories with us. We’re based in the United States and can provide immediate support with the most competitive Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) options available when searching for a Bioderma wholesale distributor.

Consistent Product Availability

When you reach the age of 40, you’ve likely gained a deep familiarity with the ins and outs of the market due to your accumulated experience and a willing-to-learn attitude. That’s why we have great confidence in recognizing the significance of product availability for any beauty trading business. Understanding which months and seasons demand high stock levels is crucial to ensuring our partners can operate at their optimal capacity and achieve their sales KPIs.

Therefore, when you need a dependable source of Bioderma wholesale products, rest assured that you can count on us.

Marketing and Promotion Support

Marketing and Promotion Support
Marketing and Promotion Support

We are not solely selling products. We are an open door to share marketing materials, product information, and promotional support to help beauty trading companies effectively market the products you purchase from us.

With four decades of experience under our belt, we bring a wealth of knowledge and insights to the table. Our longstanding commitment to excellence has solidified our reputation as a dependable distributor in the skincare industry. Therefore, if you want to benefit from our extensive experience, we are ready to get in touch with you.

Customer-centric Assistance

Our professional and friendly sales representative team is wholeheartedly dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction. We are strongly committed to delivering top-notch customer service, focusing on swift and efficient order processing, ensuring you can always rely on us.

Should you have any questions or inquiries, simply complete the order form, and we’ll get back to you as promptly as possible. Feel free to ask as many questions as you like; the more insights we gather, the better offers we can tailor to your needs.

Furthermore, you’re cordially invited to subscribe to our newsletters for exclusive promotions and updates tailored to your business. So, always stay tuned for the latest opportunities.

Wider Distribution Network

National Reach: We have established distribution channels that cover the entire United States. Therefore, we can reach customers in every state. You have stores all over the US, so worry less. We got your back!

Efficient Logistics: We prioritize efficient logistics, ensuring that your products are delivered promptly to their destinations, whether a wholesaler or distributor warehouse, retail store, online shop, or pharmacy.

Wholesale Packaging and Presentation

Wholesale Packaging and Presentation
Wholesale Packaging and Presentation

Do you have any specific requirements for the packaging and presentation of your wholesale orders? If so, QH Distribution is here to meet your needs. Our professional warehouse team boasts 40 years of experience with various cosmetic and beauty products. Hence, the experience makes us well-equipped to recommend the best solutions for you. Here’s what we offer:

Secure Packaging: We prioritize secure packaging to safeguard your Bioderma products during transit, ensuring they arrive in perfect condition.

Professional Presentation: Our products are thoughtfully presented professionally and well-organized, simplifying inventory management for you.

Customized Solutions: We’re more than willing to collaborate to craft tailored packaging and presentation options that align with your requirements.

Your satisfaction is our goal, and we’re prepared to cater to your unique packaging and presentation preferences.


That is everything about us – the 40-year-old authorized Bioderma distributor USA. Thank you for reading up to this point, and our team is here to support you with anything you need. You can reach us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or via email.

We look forward to your call.

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