PanOxyl Wholesale: Get The Appealing Deal At QH Distribution

Stock up on Panoxyl wholesale, where quality meets affordability in skin care excellence. Dive into the world of premium deals with QH Distribution and discover why we have been trusted by countless cosmetic and beauty distributors and wholesalers in the world over the last 39 years.

PanOxyl Wholesale: What Only QH Distribution Has?

Reliable Inventory

As pioneers among the global distributors of Panoxyl, we hold unwavering confidence in our ability to provide you with a dependable stock tailored to your orders. Our commitment extends beyond mere quantity; it encompasses the quality of each product.

QH Distribution maintains direct partnerships with manufacturers and nurtures enduring relationships with numerous distributors. As a result, you can trust that stock availability is a concern never encountered when working with us. If you seek a stable Panoxyl wholesale source, look no further than QH Distribution.

Product Selection And Variety

We are proud to say that we are like a Panoxyl supermarket with aisles full of different product lines. We can be a one-stop shop for all their needs so that customers can find what they want without going elsewhere. You can find a total of 11 products from the best-selling acne brand in America. 

PanOxyl 10% Foaming Wash

It is a soap-free cleanser that helps to kill acne-causing bacteria and clear up pimples. It includes 10% benzoyl peroxide, a medication employed for the treatment of acne.

When using this foaming wash, the benzoyl peroxide goes to work. It dives deep into the user’s skin and fights off the bacteria and dirt causing the trouble. It also clears out user pores and helps stop new acne from forming. The 10% maximum strength foaming wash means business. It’s for those tougher acne situations where users need a strong ally. Just a bit of it creates a soft foam that gently cleans the user’s skin while delivering acne-fighting power.

Note: A 10% benzoyl peroxide product is generally not recommended for daily use, especially for people with sensitive or easily irritated skin. Benzoyl peroxide is a strong acne-fighting ingredient, and higher concentrations, like 10%, can potentially cause more dryness, redness, and irritation if used daily.

The PanOxyl Acne Foaming Wash is a best-selling product from Panoxyl, known for delivering quick results. It’s designed for people aged 12 and above. According to our findings from Panoxy’s retail partners, this product is widely favored for its effectiveness in treating acne. What’s even better is that it comes at a reasonably affordable price. And guess what? QH Distribution offers a highly competitive Panoxyl wholesale price as well. So, make sure you add this product to your must-have list when shopping around. It’s a wise choice for anyone looking to fight acne and get results that show.

PanOxyl 4% Daily Creamy Wash

The product line is also designed for acne-prone skin but milder than the 10% Foaming Wash. It contains 4% benzoyl peroxide and is formulated to be gentle on the skin.

In a detailed manner, the creamy wash is like a gentle but effective soldier against acne. It’s designed to be used daily to help control acne and prevent new breakouts. When users use this creamy wash, the benzoyl peroxide dives into your skin and takes on the bacteria and oil that can clog your pores and lead to breakouts. As user pores are being cleaned out, it helps stop new acne from showing up.

As the 4% can be used daily, the number of stock you order for this should be bigger than other SKUs, like 10% foaming wash. If people love Panoxyl and use it for a while, they will not leave out the creamy wash. Take that insight and adjust your Panoxyl bulk order.

As pioneers among the global distributors of Panoxyl, we hold unwavering confidence in our ability to provide you with a dependable stock tailored to your orders.

PanOxyl Overnight Spot Patches

PanOxyl Overnight Spot Patches are a user’s secret weapon against pesky spots and blemishes. These patches are designed to work their magic while users sleep, giving them a head start on clearer skin when they wake up.

Detailedly, when a user has an unwanted spot, the user places one of these patches on it before bed. The patches are infused with potent ingredients that target the spot, drawing out impurities and reducing redness. 

The reason these patches are a must-have for your wholesale order is simple: They offer a targeted solution for spot treatment that’s hassle-free and effective. They’re a popular choice for people who want a quick and convenient way to address blemishes without causing further irritation.

When you stock up on PanOxyl Overnight Spot Patches in your wholesale shopping cart, you’re offering your customers an innovative solution to a common skincare woe. The product is a must-have item that’s become a staple in everyone’s bag, as acne issues are quite common. Almost everyone has experienced one or two acne problems. And the best part? The price is unbelievably good.

Panoxyl Oil Control Moisturizer

The Oil Control Moisturizer is specifically crafted to strike a delicate equilibrium between hydration and oil control, ensuring the user’s skin remains comfortable without becoming excessively oily.

The oil-control moisturizer is a must-have essential for individuals who frequently encounter acne on their faces. This is because excessive oil often acts as the primary trigger for acne breakouts. In the realm of wholesale business, this product has the potential to be a lucrative asset. Equipping retail customers with the tools to keep their oil levels in check can potentially bid farewell to the frustration of acne.

The product’s potential is substantial within the acne market. Why? Because even after effectively treating their acne, customers continue to require products for ongoing care. While certain treatment products may be employed occasionally, this moisturizer is suitable for long-term use. Its consistent application can contribute to sustaining healthier skin over time.

PanOxyl Adapalene Gel

PanOxyl Adapalene 0.1% Leave-On Gel is a topical retinoid formulated for acne treatment. Its mechanism involves increasing cell turnover and reducing sebum production – the oil that can block pores and cause acne.

This gel can be a game-changer for busy individuals, especially those working in office settings. It requires only one application per day, making acne management more convenient. Plus, it’s efficient in maintaining the condition of your skin.

Furthermore, those seeking to diminish the visibility of blemishes like whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples often incorporate products like PanOxyl Adapalene Gel into their skincare regimen.

With its diverse benefits, the PanOxyl gel caters to many customers. It’s also a gateway to expanding your business to individuals prioritizing clear skin maintenance. 

PanOxyl Clarifying Exfoliant

This exfoliant is specially crafted to target clogged pores, breakouts, and uneven skin texture. The star of the show here is salicylic acid. It’s like a skillful detective for your skin, diving deep into user pores to clear them out and dissolve the impurities that lead to acne and blackheads. It clears the path for smoother and clearer skin.

One of the most impressive qualities of the PanOxyl Clarifying Exfoliant is its ability to boost the overall radiance & clarity of your complexion. It’s akin to revealing a fresh layer of skin patiently waiting to shine through.

Over the past year, this type of exfoliant has gained significant popularity. With dermatological testing backing it, it’s poised to be a major contender in the coming year as a quick, effective, and safe method to rejuvenate the skin.

Spas and beauty chains are an ideal match for PanOxyl products, particularly when incorporating them into spa treatments.

PanOxyl Balancing Repair Moisturizer

Acne treatment products can be more likely to cause user skin dryness. Hence, the moisturizer is designed to provide overnight hydration and repair, helping users wake up to refreshed and revitalized skin. It’s an airy blanket that ensures the user’s skin stays comfortable without feeling weighed down.

You might wonder, why invest in the Oil Control Moisturizer when there’s the PanOxyl Balancing Repair Moisturizer? The answer lies in their specific roles – one is designed for daytime use, while the other caters to overnight skincare.

These two moisturizers offer comprehensive hydration solutions that suit different times of the day without burdening your skin. As a result, it’s essential to have both in your portfolio to ensure your customers receive the best care. You can even consider bundling these products, creating a winning combination that can be valuable if you’re a PanOxyl retailer.

PanOxyl Treatment Bar

Acne can also appear on the body, making the PanOxyl Acne Treatment Bar a versatile solution that garners significant attention in the acne market. It acts as a dedicated warrior, combatting impurities, oil, and bacteria that contribute to acne formation on both the face and body. Moreover, its convenient and easy-to-use format adds to its appeal.

Notably, our wholesale price for the PanOxyl Acne Treatment Bar is highly competitive. These are the PanOxyl products that QH Distribution strongly recommends for bulk purchasing. 

Our expertise shines through American brands, making us your go-to source for unbeatable offers. There’s no need to look elsewhere when you can secure exceptional deals with us.

Based in the US with a global network, QH Distribution ensures that our customers can access substantial quantities of PanOxyl products reliably, regardless of location.

Quality Assurance

With 39 years of experience in the global distribution of beauty and cosmetic brands, we are well-versed in all the paperwork related to exporting and importing. We possess all the necessary certificates to confirm that our products meet both manufacturer and market standards. We guarantee product quality and can assist you in expanding your distribution to other markets, thereby enhancing your credibility with consumers – especially if you’re a retailer of PanOxyl products.

Additionally, any orders you place with QH Distribution will go through a product inspection process. The extra service ensures that every product delivered to your location is in perfect condition regarding shape, quality, and quantity.

Bulk Ordering Flexibility

We allow our customers to select the product lines and SKUs they want to purchase PanOxyl in bulk. Our approach involves carefully considering our customers’ expectations, allowing us to offer the most suitable deals based on order quantities and associated services. Whether you’re a pharmacy chain, a beauty store, a spa chain, a retail chain, or any other type of wholesaler, we offer you the desired flexibility and support.

Logistics and Timely Delivery

Based in the US with a global network, QH Distribution ensures that our customers can access substantial quantities of PanOxyl products reliably, regardless of location. We excel in swiftly coordinating with PanOxyl warehouses and the brand, especially when we operate within the same regulatory framework. Leveraging our 39 years of experience, we have perfected procedures that facilitate efficient and timely product movement from one place to another.

Our forte lies in guaranteeing that your order arrives at your doorstep punctually. Additionally, we offer the convenience of order pickups. Alternatively, simply provide us with the delivery address, and we will meticulously plan the optimal route and solutions to ensure products reach their intended destination on schedule.

Efficient Ordering Process

Our ordering process is refreshingly simple. Just let us know how many of each product you’d like to buy (order quantity), the specific types you need (SKUs), any additional services you require, your delivery destination, and the scope of your business. Our sales representative will be your dedicated guide, covering everything from pricing details and suggested services to estimated delivery charges and our expert insights. We are committed to tailoring the best offer and a meaningful partnership that suits your unique needs and goals.

The more you share about your business and requirements, the better we can craft a quotation that aligns perfectly with your needs. At QH Distribution, we offer support programs that include exclusive discounts, marketing assistance, and market insights for select customer groups. So, don’t hesitate to provide us with information. 

While we might have a few years under our belt, it’s our experience that sets us apart.


That is the distinctiveness of QH Distribution’s PanOxyl wholesale. Did you know we proudly hold authorization as distributors for several renowned American brands on a global scale? Names like Cerave, Cetaphil, Kiehl’s, Olay, Neutrogena, and more might spark your interest. Why not explore our portfolio and request a quotation for your order? Our sales representatives stand ready to assist you. Give us the opportunity, and you won’t be disappointed.

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