Aveeno Wholesale Distributor? QH Distribution Is Your Stop

What Does QH Distribution Offer For Aveeno Wholesale?

Competitive Prices

QH Distribution is proud to be one of the first Aveeno wholesale distributors in the world. We have the opportunity to expand Aveeno products to a broader customer base right from day one. As a long-term partner of the brand, we possess both the capacity and access needed to offer our customers the most competitive prices. 

Furthermore, we provide exclusive pricing support that takes into account seasonal and wholesale market fluctuations. Count on us for regular price updates, exclusive promotions, and special discounts to boost your profit margins.

Wide Selection

We offer you a selection of over 300 Aveeno SKUs. It includes Aveeno’s baby product line (including bath products, lotions, creams, moisturizers, shampoos, balms, and regiment packs), Aveeno Kids products, Aveeno travel items, and products for adults. There’s no need to shop elsewhere.

If you’re interested in expanding your business with other brands in the baby industry, we can also assist with that. With over 300 Aveeno products and access to 300+ other brands, you’ll have a diverse range of options at your fingertips. Just give us your requirements, and we make it easy for you to explore and select from a wide variety of products. 

Availability Of New Products

With nearly four decades in the market, we have amassed the experience that has sharpened our business intuition to be as keen as a natural instinct. We have a keen sense for identifying trending new products and promptly bring them to your doorstep to meet market demand. 

Our commitment doesn’t stop there; we ensure consistent availability of both popular, sought-after items and new arrivals, all with sensible batch dates. Whether you’re an Aveeno baby wholesale, Aveeno wholesale, or a retailer of Aveeno, we’ve got you covered.


Trust in the distributor’s reliability and reputation is crucial when searching for Aveeno bulk buy. With nearly 40 years of experience, we’ve evolved from an American cosmetic and beauty distributor to a global-scale distributor. We firmly believe that our expertise is a promise to our customers.

We can assist with all the necessary documentation for importing products from the American market or anywhere worldwide, including Africa, India, Asia, and the UAE. Our reach extends far and wide, so wherever you are, rest assured we can deliver Aveeno products to you.

Furthermore, as Aveeno representatives, we take pride in ensuring top-notch product quality. We’re committed to staying current with relevant regulations to ensure that the products you order consistently meet the high standards expected by the brand in the retail market. If it’s paperwork you need to sell Aveeno in your market confidently, we’re dedicated to making it happen.

Support For Marketing And Sales

Partnering with QH Distribution for Aveeno baby bulk or other extensive selection of skincare and beauty products for adults in bulk offers more than just competitive pricing; you also gain exclusive marketing and sales support. With our vast network of wholesalers, distributors, and retail chains on a global scale, we bring valuable connections and experience to help you develop and expand your business.

Here are some of the benefits of this angle that you can expect:

Marketing Consultation

Our team will share valuable business insights about your market and recommend potential channels to attract potential customers.

Marketing Materials

QH Distribution can assist you in creating marketing materials, including brochures, flyers, and catalogs. These materials, such as brochures, flyers, and catalogs, can help you develop a marketing plan and track your results effectively. These can also help you create a marketing plan and track your results.

Provide Training

We offer comprehensive training sessions focused specifically on Aveeno products for your sales team. This tailored training equips them with in-depth knowledge and skills, significantly enhancing their ability to effectively promote and sell your Aveeno products to potential customers.

With our vast network of wholesalers, distributors, and retail chains on a global scale, we bring valuable connections and experience to help you develop and expand your business.

Geographic Reach

To secure the position of Aveeno wholesale distributor on a global scale, our strength is our efficient and prompt product delivery to customers worldwide. We’ve built trust as partners with multiple global transporters, which ensures competitive transportation fees.

In addition, our extensive network of distributors further enhances our ability to swiftly fulfill customer orders. As such, we can provide access to desired products with unmatched speed and efficiency.

Efficient Communication

We value every customer, regardless of the number. Your messages and comments are highly appreciated, and our sales representatives are always ready to assist you with any requirements. We’ve simplified our order process for your convenience.

Convenient Ordering

Simply share your business needs and the Aveeno products you’re interested in, and we’ll provide a tailored quotation. The more details you provide, the better we can offer you a customized yet effective solution.

Flexible Payment Options

Our payment terms are adaptable and can be negotiated to suit your business. Whether it’s a deposit, Cash in Advance (CIA), or other arrangements, we’re here to facilitate your transactions.

Sustainability Commitment

As distributors of Aveeno and various other global brands, including those from the USA, Korea, France, Germany, Australia, and the UK, we understand that business success goes hand in hand with environmental responsibility.

All the brands we choose to distribute may have unique characteristics, but they share a common commitment to environmental sustainability. For instance, Aveeno sources ethically and prioritizes responsible packaging, with over 80% of their bottles being recyclable. They opt for 100% recyclable, reusable, or compostable packaging.

At QH Distribution, we take pride in being Aveeno distributors who promote the spirit of environmental responsibility. We are passionate about conducting business while respecting and safeguarding our environment.


That’s all the information regarding QH Distribution’s Aveeno wholesale offerings. If you have any further inquiries about Aveeno skincare and beauty products, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our supportive team. 

Additionally, keep in mind that we have a portfolio of over 300 renowned and trusted brands for you to explore. Partnering with us gives you access to an extensive range of products that can propel your business in the market. 

We’re eager to hear your preferences for any brand we carry. Thank you!

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