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Freeman Wholesale: Best-selling Products at Bulk Price

Partnering with QH Distribution, your trusted USA distributor in Freeman wholesale. With 40 years of experience in beauty and cosmetic trading, we offer you more than just wholesale prices. Read more to elevate your inventory by the best-selling items and other Freeman SKUs. 

Freeman Wholesale: Best-selling Products

Established in 1976, Freeman Beauty is a well-known skincare business that has gained recognition for its dedication to providing affordable, high-quality skincare products. Offering a broad range of skin care products targeted to address various skin conditions, Freeman has strengthened its status as a reliable leader in the beauty business throughout the years.

Moreover, the brand’s reputation is built on its commitment to outstanding performance, affordability, and innovation, which has made it a top option for customers all over the world.

Recognized for its quality, Freeman has won several honors, and recognitions in the international market, enhancing its standing as a leading skincare line. You can stock up on your top-selling skincare items and save a great deal on expenses with our wide range of Freeman products that are available for bulk purchase.

As Freeman distributor with 40 years of experience, QH Distribution invites you to join with us in Freeman Wholesale Program. You may get a wide selection of best-selling products at reasonable wholesale prices by filling out the straightforward form on our website.

So, we offers you the chance to enhance your company offerings and satisfy customers looking for skincare goods of the finest quality.

Anti-Stress Dead Sea Minerals Clay Mask Sachet

Find out about the life-changing advantages of the Freeman Anti-Stress Dead Sea Minerals Clay Mask sachet, a must-have skincare product that has won over consumers all over globally. This mask is made with nutritious Dead Sea minerals that leave the skin feeling renewed and detoxified.

Anti-Stress Dead Sea Minerals Clay Mask Sachet
Anti-Stress Dead Sea Minerals Clay Mask Sachet

Recognized for its ability to relieve tension and improve skin tone, it has garnered positive feedback and 5-star ratings from satisfied customers. Importantly, it has been a best-seller and has sold over two thousand units in the last few months, showing its essential popularity.

Wholesalers gain from providing this in-demand product since it ensures client fulfillment and increases sales due to its proven growth and effectiveness.

Charcoal + Witch Hazel Clearing Simmer Peel Off Mask 

The Charcoal + Witch Hazel Clearing Simmer Peel Off Mask is a skincare sensation that has received amazing praise from consumers worldwide. This mask, made with a strong blend of charcoal and witch hazel, effectively cleanses pores and rejuvenates the skin, resulting in a rejuvenated and revitalized complexion.

Charcoal + Witch Hazel Clearing Simmer Peel Off Mask 
Charcoal + Witch Hazel Clearing Simmer Peel Off Mask 

With its newly improved recipe, it has received positive feedback on the site, with buyers complimenting its extraordinary ability to deeply clean and detoxify skin. As product recognition increases, it has become an essential part of skincare programs globally.

Offering this in-demand product to wholesalers will benefit them much because of its excellent ratings and indicated performance, which ensures client approval and promotes sales. 

Exotic Mask Blends Kit

Exotic Mask Blends Kit is an appealing combination of top-selling mask sets that have impressed skincare consumers across the world. Indulged in a collection of exotic ingredients that have been completely created to hydrate, clear pores, and cater to vegan preferences, delivering a complexion that is radiant and refreshed.

Exotic Mask Blends Kit
Exotic Mask Blends Kit

Due to its wide variety of formulas, this renowned kit has attracted attention and recognition in the beauty society. It has strengthened its position as an essential part of any skincare routine with thousands of units sold in recent months.

Giving wholesalers access to these valuable products is a great opportunity because of the effects and reputation, which enhance customer satisfaction and profits. With the Exotic Mask Blends Kit, you can elevate your skincare line and serve your customers with an advanced and refined approach.

Flirty Foot Peeling Spray

Flirty Foot Peeling Spray
Flirty Foot Peeling Spray

The highly regarded Freeman Flirty Foot Peeling Spray has received over 4,000 five-star reviews and has been named “Amazon’s Choice.” Because of its pure ingredients, this budget-friendly skincare product exfoliates and removes dead skin cells while moisturizing dry feet with remarkable effectiveness.

Take advantage of Freeman Flirty Foot Peeling Spray’s developing potential and strongly improve the quality of your beauty products.

Wholesale Freeman Products: Other SKUs

Discover more Freeman Wholesale products, where high-quality skincare meets incredible value. Our vast choice of SKUs enables wholesalers to confidently extend their product to the options available.

From face masks to skincare kits, each product is carefully developed to treat a variety of skin conditions. Partner with us to distribute highly sought-after products and achieve success in the beauty market.

Face mask

Face mask
Face mask
  • After Party Mask Duo Sachet
  • Sleepy Time Whipped Mask Sachet
  • Pre-Party Priming Mask Duo Sachet
  • Night In Recovery Duo Sachet
  • Nourishing Cream Mask Jar
  • In Shower Warming Mask
  • Glacier + Pink Peony Moisturizing Gel Mask
  • Vitamin C Brightening Peel-Off Mask
  • Eye Treatment
  • Pore Min Mud Mask Jar 2 Oz

Go beyond our top-selling items, such as Dead Sea Anti-Stress Sachets and Charcoal Masks. QH Distribution reveals a world of unique SKUs carefully selected to fulfill the current needs of the US market.

From deep-cleansing and hydrating formulas to targeted solutions for specific concerns, we cater to every customer’s unique skincare desires.



We offer 4 distinct SKUs within our skincare product line, each renowned for its remarkable benefits. These items have garnered widespread acclaim for their effectiveness, receiving numerous positive reviews across various sites.

  • Glow Serum + Makeup Primer
  • Makeup Remover + Cleansing Balm
  • Exfoliator + Cleanser
  • Moisturizer + Skin Shield


Additionally, our portfolio includes 4 more SKUs specifically tailored for body care, further diversifying your product offerings. These popular Freeman items enable you to cater to a broader customer base, enhancing your inventory’s appeal.

  • Peppermint & Plump Foot Scrub
  • Marula Oil & Cocoa Butter Overnight Foot Treatment
  • Silky Hands Sheet Mask
  • Foot Peel Mask


The skincare kits, comprising 3 SKUs, feature Freeman’s best-selling products from the past few months. Offering these top-performing skincare kits can significantly enhance your assortment, attracting a larger customer base and potentially increasing sales revenue by aligning with consumer preferences for trusted, high-quality skincare solutions.

  • Skincare Minis 5 Piece Kit
  • Fav 5 Piece Mask Kit
  • Love To Mask 

Partner with QH Distribution to join the Freeman Wholesale program

Diversity of Products

Leverage a broad range of advantages designed especially for retailers and wholesalers. By collaborating with QH Distribution, you will have unique access to a wide range of high-quality skincare products at discounted prices, enabling you to expand the range of items you provide and satisfy changing markets.

With our carefully developed program, you will have access to outstanding resources and support, allowing you to thrive in the demanding skincare market.

Embark on the path of delivering well-known Freeman and other brands that have received worldwide praise and reputation. With our extensive inventory of skincare offerings, including best-sellers and innovative formulas, you can confidently attract a larger consumer base and increase revenue.

Smooth Ordering Process

Furthermore, the collaborative partnership with QH Distribution assures effortless logistics and simplified distribution, enabling you to concentrate on company growth while releasing logistical problems to our experienced professionals.

Being a part of the Wholesale Program means more than just having access to top-notch skincare products. It means being a part of a community committed to success and quality.

Market Insight and Marketing Support

Market Insight and Marketing Support
Market Insight and Marketing Support

As a highly regarded participant, you will have exclusive rights, promotional materials, and solution analysis support, enhancing your capacity to market and sell Freeman products in your local area. Seize this opportunity to grow your skincare business and reach previously unheard-of levels of success. 

Connect with QH Distribution and sign up for the Freeman Wholesale Program right now.

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