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Advanced Clinicals Wholesale: Skincare, Eye Care, Haircare

We take great pride when our customers share their feedback, especially when they seek an American cosmetic brand for wholesale options. QH Distribution is their first choice. Despite having 40 years of experience in global trade, we never forget that American cosmetic brands are the cornerstone of our success. This is why the best Advanced Clinicals wholesale deal is available here, not elsewhere.

Thank you for selecting us as your reference for purchasing Advanced Clinicals products in bulk. Let’s look at what we have on the table.

Advanced Clinicals Wholesale Category

Since its establishment in 2002, Advanced Clinicals has experienced significant transformations within its product categories. While some categories have been phased out, others have been steadfast from the brand’s inception.

Moreover, new product categories continue to emerge. In addition to their original skincare and haircare offerings, they have diversified their range to encompass an extensive array of products, including suncare, makeup, and baby care items. They have also expanded their product line to incorporate an array of new vegan and cruelty-free offerings. 

Since its initial launch, Advanced Clinicals has grown to offer an impressive catalog of over 1,000 distinct products.

Here are the selected categories that QH Distribution highly recommends beauty trading businesses to explore when you become interested in the brand.


Talking about Advanced Clinical skincare products, QH Distribution offers a wide range of products that help our trading partners, retailers, and wholesalers easily get every product they need.

Advanced Clinicals Serum

Serums have emerged as a recent trend. They are more concentrated than moisturizers, which allows them to produce more dramatic results. Advanced Clinicals, with its expertise and experience, ensures that its product categories stand out, not only in terms of effectiveness but also in affordability compared to other retail brands.

As a result, beauty and skincare trading businesses, including spas, beauty stores, and e-commerce websites, can find great success in partnering with the brand, as their products tend to sell quickly. This can lead to increased profitability, and you’ll likely see your bottom line improve rapidly.

Here are some outstanding SKUs:

Advanced Clinicals Retinol Serum

This serum is enriched with retinol, a renowned ingredient for its anti-aging benefits. It does wonders in minimizing the look of wrinkles and fine lines, enhancing skin texture, and giving your complexion a radiant boost. It’s the go-to choice for those dealing with aging skin, acne-prone concerns, or hyperpigmentation.

If you’re looking to target businesses focused on anti-aging and skincare, consider beauty salons, dermatology clinics, and high-end skincare retailers. They’re likely to find this product a valuable addition to their offerings.

Advanced Clinicals Collagen Serum

This collagen serum contains collagen to help firm and rejuvenate the skin, reducing the signs of aging. People with aging skin, dry skin, and fine lines and wrinkles are the serum aims for.

Skincare trading businesses can advertise the product to beauty spas, wellness centers, and retailers.

Advanced Clinicals Hyaluronic Acid Serum

The Hyaluronic Acid Serum is designed for deep skin hydration. This serum helps plump and moisturize the skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. The serum is for people with dry skin looking to restore moisture.

Skincare stores, health and wellness outlets, and online beauty shops are some of the names of beauty trading businesses that you can give a sales pitch to.

Advanced Clinicals Peptide Serum

Advanced Clinicals Peptide serum targets signs of aging and aids in creating a smoother. It stimulates collagen production and improves skin texture. Therefore, the user’s skin is more youthful. People with aging skin, fine lines and wrinkles, and uneven skin texture will love it.

Cosmetic wholesalers, boutique skincare shops, and high-end beauty retailers will want to look into these SKUs.

Advanced Clinicals Vitamin C Serum

Formulated with Vitamin C, this serum brightens the skin and reduces dark spots and hyperpigmentation. People with dull skin, hyperpigmentation, and acne-prone skin are the ones the serum wants to target.

Advanced Clinicals Vitamin C Serum
Advanced Clinicals Vitamin C Serum

Cosmetic stores, spas, beauty boutiques, and online beauty retailers will like to import this product into their portfolio.

Advanced Clinicals Glycolic Serum 1.75oz

The Glycolic Serum 1.75oz serum provides gentle exfoliation and helps renew the skin’s texture. Consumers who look to improve skin texture and achieve a smoother appearance are their targets.

Also, the product is perfect for cosmetic clinics, beauty salons, and specialty skincare retailers. If you are a skincare wholesaler, they are the ones you’d love to introduce the product to.

Advanced Clinicals 5% Niacinamide Serum

This serum with 5% Niacinamide can regulate oil production, reduce the appearance of pores, and minimize the appearance of blemishes.

People concerned with acne, redness, enlarged pores, and skin imperfections will love this product.

The SKU is perfect for skin care clinics, pharmacies, and online beauty stores.

Advanced Clinicals Creams

We got the massive order requirements of these creams when we became the Advanced Clinicals Wholesale USA. Let’s look at the most high demand for B2B businesses and consider the ideal SKUs for your market.

Advanced Clinicals Creams
Advanced Clinicals Creams
Advanced Clinicals Collagen Skin Rescue Lotion 2 oz

This lotion is infused with collagen, which is known for its skin-firming and anti-aging properties. It helps improve skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles, and keeps the skin hydrated and nourished.

Individuals who want to combat the signs of aging, improve skin firmness, or those with dry skin in need of hydration.

Beauty salons, spas, dermatology clinics, and high-end skincare retailers will definitely want to look at the price of the product. 

Advanced Clinicals Retinol Advanced Firming Cream 2 oz

The cream contains retinol, known for its anti-aging properties. It helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and signs of aging while promoting smoother and healthier-looking skin.

People focused on anti-aging skincare and improving skin texture are the ones the cream wants to serve.

Beauty salons, dermatology clinics, and upscale skincare retailers specializing in anti-aging products and services can carry this cream in their offerings.

Advanced Clinicals Aloe Vera Cream

Aloe vera is renowned for its soothing and moisturizing properties. This cream is suitable for individuals with sensitive or dry skin. It offers hydration and relief from skin irritation.

People with sensitive, dry, or irritated skin seeking hydration and soothing effects are the ones the cream looks for.

Cosmetic stores, wellness centers, and pharmacy stores may want to stock the SKU on hand.

Advanced Clinicals 16 oz Vitamin C Cream 16 oz

This cream is packed with Vitamin C, which brightens the skin, reduces dark spots, and improves overall complexion. As the size is a bit big, frequent customers who love Advanced Clinicals products will love to buy it at home because of its amazing effect.

Beauty boutiques, cosmetic shops, and online beauty retailers focusing on products for skin brightening and dark spot corrector should order this product.

Toners and Mists

Besides the famous serum and cream product lines, Advanced Clinicals toners and mists are also consumer favorites in terms of price and effectiveness.

Advanced Clinicals Toners and Mists
Advanced Clinicals Toners and Mists

Advanced Clinicals C Glow Toner 8 oz

This toner contains vitamin C, which brightens the skin & helps to reduce the appearance of dark spots and uneven skin tone. It also provides a refreshing and revitalizing effect. Therefore, individuals seeking a more even skin tone, brighter complexion, and a refreshed feeling are the target of the SKU.

Beauty and skincare retailers, spas, and wellness centers should take the product into account when ordering.

Advanced Clinicals Rosewater Toner

Rosewater toner helps to refresh and balance the skin while providing a gentle and calming effect. People with sensitive skin or those looking for a mild, hydrating toner are the ones for whom the toner is born.

Retailers and wholesalers focused on natural and gentle skincare products can not ignore the SKU.

Advanced Clinicals Glycolic Toner

The Glycolic toner includes glycolic acid, which provides gentle exfoliation to improve skin texture and radiance while minimizing pores and promoting a more even skin tone.

It is for individuals looking to enhance skin texture, minimize pores, and improve overall skin tone.

We highly recommend the SKU for beauty salons, dermatology clinics, and cosmetic retailers.

Advanced Clinicals Vitamin C + Ferulic Acid Face Mist

The face mist combines vitamin C and ferulic acid to provide antioxidant protection, promote brightness, and maintain skin health. It also offers a refreshing and hydrating spritz.

People interested in antioxidant protection, maintaining skin health, and staying refreshed throughout the day are perfect consumers of the face mist.

Online retailers, skincare clinics, and health and wellness centers will love to import the product to their category.

Advanced Clinicals Collagen + Rosewater Face Mist

The face mist includes collagen and rosewater to provide hydration and a youthful, refreshed feeling.

It is for individuals looking for a hydrating mist with anti-aging and revitalizing properties.

Spas, beauty stores, and professionals engaged in retail sales should strongly consider buying this product in bulk because it can be a goldmine for your business. Who doesn’t love the beauty and delightful rose scent on their face?

Also, QH Distribution offers diverse SKUs of essential oils and eye creams for Advanced Clinicals bulk purchase demand. You may count on us as we can access the stable source of each category.

Body Care

Advanced Clinicals Bodycare
Advanced Clinicals Bodycare

Advanced Clinicals body products, comprising creams, lotions, oils, and scrubs, present a remarkable opportunity for beauty and skincare trading businesses. This product line has garnered an abundance of positive feedback from customers worldwide. Leveraging the brand’s well-established reputation in the face care category, promoting the body care line becomes a straightforward endeavor.

Here is the QH Distribution suggestion:

  • Spas: Spas can offer Advanced Clinicals body products to their clients as part of their spa treatments.
  • Dermatologists and estheticians: Dermatologists and estheticians can recommend Advanced Clinicals body products to their patients and clients to help them improve their skin health.
  • Online retailers: Online retailers can sell Advanced Clinicals body products to their customers.
  • Beauty boutiques: They can sell Advanced Clinicals body products to their customers.
  • Fitness studios: Fitness studios can offer Advanced Clinicals body products to their members to help them recover from workouts and keep their skin healthy.
  • Hotels and resorts: Hotels and resorts can offer Advanced Clinicals body products to their guests.


Advanced Clinicals Curl Cream

The cream defines and enhances curls, reduces frizz, and provides moisture for more manageable and beautifully styled curly or wavy hair. Achieves this by providing hold and hydration to curls.

It is a perfect product for individuals with curly or wavy hair looking to enhance and define their curls.

Beauty stores, salons, and retailers should not miss it.

Advanced Clinicals Keratin Hair Detangler

The Keratin hair detangler eases tangles and knots. It makes hair smoother, more manageable, and less prone to breakage. 

People with knotty, tangled hair seeking a product to make detangling easier are the target consumers of this product.

Beauty supply stores, salons, convenience stores, and general retailers have to offer lucrative hair care products.

Advanced Clinicals Haircare
Advanced Clinicals Haircare

Advanced Clinicals Biotin Hair Detangler

The product detangles hair while promoting hair strength and growth with biotin. It supports consumers in achieving smoother, healthier hair while preventing breakage and damage.

The Biotin hair detangler is for those who desire stronger, healthier hair and need a detangler to manage knots and tangles.

Beauty salons, cosmetic stores, and health-focused retailers are the ones QH Distributions highly recommends buying hair products in bulk. 

Advanced Clinicals Keratin Hair Mask

The mask repairs and strengthens damaged hair, promoting a smoother and healthier appearance. 

Individuals looking to repair and strengthen their hair, especially if it’s damaged or chemically treated, are the ones the mask wants to serve.

Beauty salons, hair care clinics, and high-end retailers specializing in hair treatments will love this SKU.

Advanced Clinicals Biotin Hair Mask

Biotin Hair Mask promotes overall hair health, including growth and strength.

The product aims at people who want to improve hair health and promote growth.

Beauty and wellness stores, as well as specialty retailers with a focus on hair wellness, should definitely consider buying this SKU in bulk. When life stress gradually increases over the years, a hair mask that can support hair growth is never an old item.

Advanced Clinicals Coconut Hair Mask

The mask offers deep hydration, controls frizz, and imparts a tropical scent to the hair. 

Those masks are often suitable for dry or damaged hair.

Cosmetic shops, beauty salons, and some convenience stores don’t want to miss this mask.

Advanced Clinicals Biotin Hair Mask
Advanced Clinicals Biotin Hair Mask

Advanced Clinicals Collagen Hair Mask

The collagen hair mask strengthens and revitalizes the hair, enhances elasticity, and adds shine. 

People who have weak hair and seek to strengthen and revitalize their hair are its target customers.

Hair Care salons, wellness centers, and beauty retailers are highly recommended to import the mask.

Advanced Clinicals Castor Oil Hair Mask

The castor oil hair mask nourishes and promotes hair growth while strengthening the hair. 

People looking for hair masks with natural ingredients to nourish and promote healthy hair are the ones the mask wants to serve.

Beauty supply stores, cosmetic shops, and retailers focused on natural beauty products might need them.

Advanced Clinicals 10-in-1 Frizz Control

The product manages and controls frizz, adds shine, and provides heat protection. 

Beauty salons, hair care specialists, and retailers should take a look at this SKU to offer to their consumers.

Advanced Clinicals Wholesale Price

QH Distribution’s Advanced Clinicals wholesale prices are determined by the order quantity. While we do have a minimum order quantity (MOQ), our pricing tiers are highly competitive. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the wholesale prices we offer, even for large quantities.

Additionally, we regularly run special promotions and exclusive sales for our partners. Taking advantage of these opportunities is simple—all you need to do is complete our order form. By sharing your requirements and needs, we can work with you to provide the best possible support and offers.

Our commitment lies in nurturing long-term partnerships, not just one-time transactions, a philosophy we’ve upheld for nearly four decades. So, by allowing us to learn more about your specific requirements and preferences, you increase your chances of securing an even better Advanced Clinicals wholesale deal from QH Distribution. Your success is our priority.

Advanced Clinicals Wholesale Price
Advanced Clinicals Wholesale Price

QH Distribution Advanced Clinicals Wholesale Offers

We Offer Quick Yet Professional Procedure

With approximately 40 years of experience in the beauty trading industry, we’ve gained comprehensive insights into the intricacies of the wholesale business. Beginning as Advanced Clinicals distributors in the USA, we expanded our reach overseas. Following successful distribution in the US, we established ourselves as Advanced Clinicals wholesale partners in the UK. Today, we proudly serve as a global Advanced Clinicals wholesaler.

Our in-depth understanding of every facet of the wholesale trade allows us to seamlessly deliver wholesale bundles to your doorstep. If you have retail outlets around the world, our extensive network ensures a convenient and efficient supply chain.

Our dedicated team is well-versed in the intricacies of the wholesale process, and we are confident that we can make this journey smooth and successful for you.

Flexible Shipping

We offer a range of delivery options to suit your needs. Whether you prefer to pick up the goods yourself or leave the logistics to us with the most suitable shipping fees, the choice is yours. Whichever option you select, we will present you with the most practical recommendations to ensure timely product delivery.

Marketing Support

Our commitment to your success goes beyond bulk product sales. We extend our support in marketing, drawing from our representation of over 300+ renowned beauty and skincare brands. If you seek assistance with branding and marketing strategies, we are here to collaborate with you. Whether it’s brochures, point-of-sale materials (POSM), catalogs, or product information, we have the resources to provide everything you need to inform your customers about the brand.

Bulk Packaging

Should you have specific requirements for bulk packaging of Advanced Clinicals products, you can rely on our expertise. We have successfully tackled various wholesale packaging challenges, backed by years of experience and proficiency in this field. We stand ready to fulfill your packaging needs.

That concludes the Advanced Clinicals wholesale deal information from QH Distribution. We trust that you now have all the essential details to embark on your wholesale journey with one of the most reputable American skincare brands.

Our sales representatives eagerly await your contact. Allow us the privilege of being your trusted partner on your path to success. Thank you for considering us!

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