Color Wow Wholesale

Color Wow Wholesale: Premium Haircare in Bulk

Color Wow has revolutionized haircare since its first launch, earning a reputation for innovative products. It has consistently won beauty awards, showcasing its commitment to excellence in hair health and styling. Recently, Color Wow has continued to impress, adding more accolades to its growing list of achievements.

At QH Distribution, we offer Color Wow Wholesale, including a vast array of these acclaimed haircare products in bulk. Our wholesale program is designed to support wholesalers and retailers, providing access to premium products at exclusive prices. Partner with us to bring Color Wow’s exceptional range to your customers, enhancing your product selection with formulations trusted by professionals worldwide.

Color Wow Wholesale: Renowned Haircare SKUs

Color Wow has formed a niche in the haircare industry with its innovative products, earning a loyal following in the US and beyond. Its diverse product line, designed to address color preservation, and styling challenges, has garnered a loyal customer base. With products tailored to enhance the beauty and health of all hair types, Color Wow has established itself as a leader in innovative hair care.

QH Distribution carries nearly 70 SKUs of Color Wow’s renowned haircare products, offering them at wholesale prices. Our program caters to the needs of beauty wholesalers and retailers seeking to provide customers with premium haircare options. Let us know your problems by filling out our partnership form. You can gain access to our exclusive wholesale prices and elevate your inventory with Color Wow’s award-winning selections.

Discover the difference Color Wow can make to your product lineup by exploring our best-selling items below.

Shampoo & Conditioner

Color Wow’s shampoo and conditioner line delivers unparalleled color protection and nourishment for color-treated hair. Formulated without sulfates and silicones, these products keep hair vibrant and healthy. They cater to diverse hair needs, ensuring lasting color and hydration.

Color Security Shampoo

Color Security Shampoo
Color Security Shampoo

The Color Security Shampoo has achieved remarkable sales, with thousands of units sold last month, accompanied by hundreds of positive consumer reviews. Its formula is specifically designed to prevent color fade, offering unmatched purity that doesn’t leave residues that can dull hair color. Available in various sizes through QH Distribution, wholesalers benefit from its widespread popularity, ensuring customer satisfaction and repeat purchases.

Color Security Conditioner

Color Security Conditioner
Color Security Conditioner

The Color Security Conditioner has reached 5,000 sales this past month, supported by over 2,000 5-star consumer ratings. This conditioner complements the shampoo perfectly by locking in color while moisturizing, making it a must-have for color-treated hair. Stocking this conditioner means providing clients with a product known for its high satisfaction rate and loyalty, enhancing your product range’s appeal.

Hooked 100% Clean Curl Shampoo

Hooked 100% Clean Curl Shampoo, selling hundreds of units recently, has received numerous positive reviews for its curl-optimizing formula. It cleanses without stripping, offering a solution that appeals to both color-treated and curly-haired customers. Wholesalers carrying this product can capitalize on the growing demand for specialized curl care, increasing sales opportunities and customer retention.


Color Wow’s hair treatment line stands out for its innovative solutions tailored to tackle a variety of hair concerns. These treatments are designed to ensure vibrant color and healthy hair. This range meets the needs of diverse hair types, making it a valuable addition to any hair care regimen.

Dream Coat Supernatural Spray

Dream Coat Supernatural Spray
Dream Coat Supernatural Spray

Renowned as the best-selling hair spray in the US, Dream Coat Supernatural Spray delivers unparalleled humidity-proofing powers. With over 40,000 units sold last month and exceeding 50,000 5-star reviews, it stands as a testament to its effectiveness and consumer trust. Wholesalers can leverage its widespread acclaim to attract a broad customer base, ensuring high turnover rates and increased customer satisfaction.

Dream Cocktail Coconut-Infused Leave-In Treatment

Dream Cocktail Coconut-Infused Leave-In Treatment
Dream Cocktail Coconut-Infused Leave-In Treatment

The Dream Cocktail Coconut-Infused Leave-In Treatment, with over 400 units sold recently, has garnered significant praise for its strengthening capabilities. More than 2,000 positive feedbacks highlight its popularity among users seeking moisture-rich hair care solutions. Wholesalers providing this product can expect a steady demand from consumers looking for proven, quality treatments for hair.

Color Wow Money Masque

Color Wow Money Masque
Color Wow Money Masque

The award-winning Color Wow Money Masque has seen sales of over 3,000 units in the past month, accompanied by 1,000 5-star ratings. This product promises not only to nourish and rejuvenate hair but also to deliver high-quality results at home. Wholesalers offering this masque will not only meet but exceed consumer expectations, promoting repeat purchases, and enhancing brand loyalty.


Color Wow’s styling line is designed to meet the diverse needs of hair styling, offering solutions that ensure long-lasting hold. From volumizing mousses to protective styling serums, each product is formulated to address specific styling challenges. Providing customers with innovative solutions that deliver professional results, increasing both sales potential and customer satisfaction.

Xtra Large Bombshell Volumizer

Xtra Large Bombshell Volumizer
Xtra Large Bombshell Volumizer

The Xtra Large Bombshell Volumizer from Color Wow has been established as a bestseller due to its impressive ability to provide dramatic volume for hair. Achieving significant sales of over 40,000 units in the past month, it has garnered lots of positive feedback. Its award-winning reputation and consumer demand can enhance wholesalers’ inventory, appealing to customers seeking effective volumizing solutions.

Root Cover Up

Root Cover Up by Color Wow is an innovative solution to the common problem of root growth between salon visits. This product has sold over 3,000 units in just the last month and garnered over 1,000 positive reviews. Available with 8 color options through our Color Wow wholesale program, ensuring a perfect match for every need. Wholesalers providing this range benefit from offering a highly sought-after product, ideal for consumers desiring quick, effective cover-up options.

Color Wow One Minute Transformation – Styling Cream

Color Wow One Minute Transformation - Styling Cream
Color Wow One Minute Transformation – Styling Cream

One Minute Transformation – Styling Cream has seen remarkable sales, with over 10,000 units sold recently, backed by thousands of positive consumer reviews. This styling cream offers an instant solution to frizz, adding polish and style without the lengthy styling process. This item caters to the immediate needs of consumers looking for fast hair transformation, increasing sales and customer satisfaction.

Other Color Wow Products

Color Wow’s product range extends beyond just shampoos, conditioners, and treatments, containing a wide variety of hair care solutions tailored to meet specific needs. Additionally, we offer a broad selection of Color Wow products, ensuring our wholesalers access to not only the bestsellers but also other high-demand items. Within the brand’s lineup, we ensure to enrich your offerings and cater to a diverse customer base.

  • Dream Cocktail Kale Infused Leave-In Treatment
  • Dream Filter Pre-Shampoo Mineral Remover
  • Snag-Free Pre-Shampoo Detangler
  • Color Control Blue Toning + Styling Foam
  • Pop & Lock High Gloss Finish
  • Style on Steroids Color-Safe Texturizing Spray
  • Curl Wow Shook Mix + Fix Bundling Spray
  • Raise the Root
  • Thicken and Lift Spray

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QH Distribution, with 40 years of experience in the industry, has become a trustworthy distributor that offers more than just products. Our history speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence and our understanding of the beauty market’s evolving needs.

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Understanding that each business has unique needs, QH Distribution offers customized services to our wholesale clients. We go beyond the standard distributor-client relationship to provide personalized consultations, simple ordering options, and marketing support. Our team works closely with you to ensure that your inventory matches market demand, offering affordable pricing and exclusive deals that enhance your profitability and market presence.

Partner with QH Distribution, Color Wow Distributor

Choosing QH Distribution as your beauty distributor means gaining a partner as invested in your success. Our 40 years of experience have not only built a foundation of trust and reliability but also given us deep insights into market trends and consumer preferences. Elevate your business with our comprehensive wholesale program. We offer a selection of top-tier beauty brands, empowering you to provide in-demand products. Additionally, our market trend expertise ensures you stay ahead of the curve, while our commitment guarantees an efficient ordering process for both you and your clients.

From expanding product lines to tapping into new market segments, our partners have leveraged our expertise and product range to achieve remarkable growth. Their successes underscore the value of partnering with a distributor in the USA.

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