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Lip Gloss Wholesale: Bulk Price in Famous Brands

Discover the extensive range of lip gloss wholesale options at QH Distribution, where we offer a diverse selection from hundreds of renowned makeup brands. Our inventory is designed to meet the varied needs of retailers and wholesalers alike, ensuring access to the latest trends and classic favorites.

With QH Distribution, you’re choosing a lip gloss wholesale vendor dedicated to enriching your product offerings. In the dynamic cosmetics market, lip gloss continues to be favored by consumers globally. It consistently ranks as one of the top-selling makeup products, with millions of units sold annually, reflecting its enduring popularity and growing consumer demand.

Lip Gloss Wholesale: Brands We Carry

Lip gloss continues to be a sought-after product in the US beauty market, known for its versatility and appeal across various demographics. QH Distribution offers a wide selection of lip glosses from esteemed brands like NYX, Rimmel, Anastasia Beverly Hills, and more catering to the diverse preferences of today’s consumers. Each of these brands brings a unique flair to our extensive catalog, ensuring that every wholesaler can find something to suit your customers.

QH Distribution serves as one of the premier lip gloss suppliers in the USA, supporting retailers with a robust wholesale program. This program includes hundreds of SKUs available in bulk, providing a rich assortment of choices to enhance any retail offering. By filling out the form for our Lip Gloss Wholesale program, retailers gain access to premium products, enabling them to attract and retain a wide customer base.

For more information on our full range of lip gloss options and to discover how you can benefit from partnering with us, feel free to reach out and access our offerings.


NYX Cosmetics stands as a leader in the makeup industry, renowned for its high-quality, professional-grade products at accessible prices. This brand is celebrated for its vibrant and diverse lip gloss lines, including the iconic Butter Gloss and Shine Loud High Pigment Lip Color.

At QH Distribution, we proudly offer an expansive selection of NYX lip glosses, featuring over 20 SKUs. This range ensures that retailers can provide a variety of shades and finishes to cater to all consumer preferences, from sheer shimmers to bold colors.

NYX Lip Gloss
NYX Lip Gloss

Explore NYX lip glosses to find the perfect additions to your product lineup:

  • Shine Loud High Pigment Lip Color – Goal Crusher
  • Shine Loud High Pigment Lip Color – Boundary Pusher
  • Shine Loud High Pigment Lip Color – Rebel In Red
  • Butter Lip Gloss – Madeleine
  • Butter Lip Gloss – Tiramisu
  • Butter Lip Gloss – Eclair
  • Butter Lip Gloss – Sugar High

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Anastasia Beverly Hills is celebrated for its high-quality cosmetics, especially known for revolutionizing eyebrow styling in the US. The brand’s lip gloss line stands out for its rich pigmentation and luxurious finish, making it a favorite among makeup enthusiasts.

QH Distribution offers an exclusive selection of Anastasia Beverly Hills wholesale lip gloss, featuring 14 distinct SKUs. This variety caters to a broad market, ensuring that there is a shade and finish for every preference and skin tone.

Discover our diverse range of Anastasia Beverly Hills lip glosses:

  • Lip Gloss- Toffee
  • Lip Gloss- Sunscape
  • Lip Gloss – Peachy Nude
  • Lip Gloss – Honey Diamond
  • Lip Gloss – Crystal Gloss


Rimmel is well-regarded for its affordable yet high-quality cosmetics, gaining a strong presence in the US market. Its lip gloss line is particularly popular, known for its wide range of shades and long-lasting shine.

At QH Distribution, we provide a comprehensive collection of Rimmel lip glosses, with over 20 SKUs available for wholesale. Our selection includes many best-selling shades, meeting the needs of diverse consumer preferences.

Rimmel Lip Gloss
Rimmel Lip Gloss

There are some of the Rimmel lip glosses we offer, designed to cater to every taste and style:

  • Stay Glossy Lip Gloss – Seduce Me #820
  • Stay Glossy Lip Gloss – Cake for Breakfast #030
  • Stay Glossy Lip Gloss – Date Night #290
  • Stay Glossy Lip Gloss – Flower Power #140
  • Stay Glossy Lip Gloss – Berry Bad #400

Wet n Wild

Wet n Wild stands out in the cosmetic industry for its commitment to cruelty-free products and affordability, capturing significant popularity across the US. Its lip gloss line is celebrated for its diverse options and standout formulas that offer everything from subtle shine to bold colors.

QH Distribution carries an extensive range of Wet n Wild lip gloss wholesale, with more than 30 SKUs available for wholesale. Our lineup features popular choices such as Mega Slicks lip gloss, Color Icon Zodiac lip gloss, and Perfect Pout So Pouty lip gloss balm, ensuring a variety to suit all your customer needs.

Wet n Wild Lip Gloss
Wet n Wild Lip Gloss

Dive into our varied selection of Wet n Wild lip gloss SKUs:

  • Mega Slicks Lip Gloss – Cherish
  • Mega Slicks Lip Gloss – Attitude Check
  • Mega Slicks Lip Gloss – Crushed Diamonds
  • Color Icon Lip Gloss Taurus
  • Color Icon Lip Gloss Libra
  • Perfect Pout So Pouty Lip Gloss Balm – Coconuts For You
  • Perfect Pout So Pouty Lip Gloss Balm – Sweetest Pick


Are you looking for Revlon bulk lip gloss wholesale? QH Distribution is here to cooperate with you. With 20 SKUs in our price-list, we are confident that we can meet all your needs when partnering with us.

Some SKUs here for you to take a look. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to access our full price-list and other benefits only for our customers:

  • Super Lustrous Gloss Restage Clear
  • Super Lustrous Gloss Restage Lean In
  • Super Lustrous Gloss Restage Indulge In It
  • Super Lustrous Gloss Restage Blissed Out
  • Super Lustrous Gloss Restage Pink Obsessed
  • Super Lustrous Gloss Restage Rose Quartz
  • Super Lustrous Gloss Restage Frost Queen
  • Super Lustrous Gloss Restage Taupe Luster
  • Super Lustrous Gloss Restage Choco Crush
  • Super Lustrous Gloss Restage Snow Pink


Maybelline is renowned globally for its innovative and affordable cosmetics, making it a staple in beauty routines across the US. Its lip gloss line, in particular, is praised for its vibrant colors and lasting wear, appealing to a wide range of consumers.

Wholesalers can explore a diverse assortment of Maybelline lip glosses, with 28 SKUs available in bulk at QH Distribution. This collection ensures a rich selection of shades and formulations to cater to the varying preferences of your customers.


There are a few Maybelline lip glosses that we offer:

  • Lip Lifter Gloss: Pearl #001
  • Lip Lifter Gloss: Ice #002
  • Lip Lifter Gloss: Moon #003
  • Lip Lifter Gloss: Heat #014
  • Lip Lifter Gloss Extended: Peach Ring #022


Covergirl lip gloss brings the vibrant colors for their customers with a long-lasting wear, especially the soft and smooth feeling on the lips with their nourishing formulas.

The most important thing is each lip gloss from this brand is designed to meet the customers needs and is also trendy for both teens and professional makeup artists.

As one of Covergirl lip gloss distributors, we include 19 different SKUs in our wholesale program. Here are some: 

  • Outlast All-Day Color & Lip Gloss Profound Peach 160
  • Clean Fresh Yummy Gloss My Main Squeeze 550
  • Clean Fresh Yummy Gloss My Strawbooty 600
  • Clean Fresh Yummy Gloss Peach Out 250
  • Clean Fresh Yummy Gloss Sugar Poppy 150
  • Clean Fresh Yummy Gloss You’re Just Jelly 350


E.L.F. Cosmetics, known for its high-quality, cruelty-free makeup at affordable prices, has gained a loyal following in the US. Among their popular offerings is their extensive lip gloss line, known for its variety of shades and finishes.

For those looking to stock up on ELF lip gloss in bulk, QH Distribution offers a wide selection. With 24 SKUs of ELF lip gloss available wholesale in the USA, you can find the perfect lip products for your wholesale store.


Here are some of the lip gloss SKUs of E.L.F Cosmetics:

  • Glossy Lip Stain – Spicy Sienna
  • Glossy Lip Stain – Cinnamon Dreamz
  • Glossy Lip Stain – Pinkies Up
  • Lip Lacquer – Wild Rose
  • Lip Lacquer – Moody
  • Lip Lacquer – Black Cherry


Talking about lip gloss from Nars, we offer their Afterglow Lip Shine with 10 different shades. With a global popular brand like Nars, their lip shine is also one of the most trending items for every beauty fan.

This is 10 shades of Afterglow Lip Shine you could buy from us:

  • Afterglow Lip Shine Triple X
  • Afterglow Lip Shine Gold Shimmer
  • Afterglow Lip Shine Orgasm
  • Afterglow Lip Shine Supervixen
  • Afterglow Lip Shine Mauve Shimmer
  • Afterglow Lip Shine Chelsea Girls
  • Afterglow Lip Shine Brown Nude
  • Afterglow Lip Shine Aragón
  • Afterglow Lip Shine Turkish Delight
  • Afterglow Lip Shine Cool Pink

Physicians Formula

Physicians Formula
Physicians Formula

QH Distribution provides a wide array of best-selling lip glosses from renowned brands like Physicians Formula. These lip glosses cater to a diverse market looking for quality and variety in their beauty products.

As a leading lip gloss supplier, we offer top-selling lip glosses available in bulk across the USA. These products are carefully selected to ensure they meet the high standards and preferences of your customers.

We recommend a collection of top-selling Physicians Formula lip glosses:

  • Rosé Kiss All Day Glossy Lip Color – Blind Date
  • Rosé Kiss All Day Glossy Lip Color – Love Letters
  • Rosé Kiss All Day Glossy Lip Color – Xoxo
  • Mineral Wear Diamond Gloss – Crystal Clear
  • pH Matchmaker pH Powered Lip Gloss – Light Pink


No need to tell more about how popular this brand is. Over 100 years since L’oreal first launched but they still receive the attention and trust from their customers globally.

We carry Infallible Never Fail Lip Gloss with 26 different shades so our partners could easily choose when looking for L’oreal lip gloss wholesale bulk. Take a look at what shades is in our product list:

  • Infallible Never Fail Lip Gloss: Cherry Flash 340
  • Infallible Never Fail Lip Gloss: Blush 115
  • Infallible Never Fail Lip Gloss: Bloom 125
  • Infallible Never Fail Lip Gloss: Barely Nude 815
  • Infallible Never Fail Lip Gloss: Dulce De Leche 825
  • Infallible Never Fail Lip Gloss: Fiery 305
  • Infallible Never Fail Lip Gloss: Glistening Berry 240
  • Infallible Never Fail Lip Gloss: Modern Mauve 505

Stock Up Lip Gloss Bulks with Us: Enhance Your Beauty Offerings

Choosing QH Distribution means gaining access to an extensive array of top-tier beauty brands known for their quality and appeal. As a cosmetics distributor, QH Distribution prides ourselves on delivering a broad spectrum of beauty products, including the latest and most sought-after lip glosses. Our commitment to providing exceptional service and reliable deliveries makes us a preferred partner for businesses aiming to scale and succeed in the beauty market.

Why should you choose lip gloss wholesale?

Lip glosses are a high-demand product in beauty retail, essential for customers who desire a versatile and easy-to-apply option for daily wear or special occasions. By offering a range of formulas from sheer to highly pigmented and finishes from glossy to shimmer, retailers can attract a broader customer base. Furthermore, the popularity of lip glosses ensures steady sales, especially when sourced from renowned brands that consumers trust and love.

At QH Distribution, we offer an impressive selection of lip glosses from industry giants such as NYX, Anastasia Beverly Hills, and Maybelline. For instance, NYX’s Butter Gloss is celebrated for its silky texture and tasteful shine, making it a must-have for gloss enthusiasts.

Similarly, Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss provides a luxurious, pigment-rich coverage that appeals to those seeking a bolder look. By featuring these popular items, retailers can enhance their product lineup with options that promise customer satisfaction and repeat purchases.

How to Order from QH Distribution

Ordering bulk lip glosses USA from QH Distribution is streamlined to ensure ease and efficiency. Prospective partners can access our comprehensive catalog through a simple registration process, allowing them to browse and select from hundreds of options. With reasonable pricing and minimal order requirements, we make it feasible for businesses of all sizes to expand their inventory with high-quality lip glosses.

Embrace the opportunity to elevate your beauty inventory by choosing QH Distribution for your lip gloss wholesale needs. Our extensive selection, paired with our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, ensures that you can offer the best products to your customers.

Contact us to discover how our wholesale options can help grow your business and satisfy your clientele with every sale.

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