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Ardell Wholesale: Eyelashes, Brow, Nail Products in Bulk

Ardell Lashes, established in 1971, has grown into a leading name in the false eyelash industry, renowned for its innovative, high-quality products. Its lashes are known for their natural look and wide variety, making them favorites among consumers worldwide. The brand’s commitment to accessible beauty solutions has solidified its reputation globally.

QH Distribution offers the Ardell Wholesale program, providing businesses with an extensive range of Ardell lashes in bulk. Our partnership aims to support retailers and salons by ensuring they have access to the latest and most popular Ardell Lashes.

Ardell Wholesale: Products We Carry

Ardell has been particularly known for its high-quality false eyelashes that cater to a broad audience seeking professional results. Their extensive range of styles cement their status as a go-to brand in the U.S. market. From natural to dramatic lashes, Ardell offers unmatched variety and quality that appeal to both makeup enthusiasts and professionals.

At QH Distribution, we provide a collection of up to 800 SKUs, featuring Ardell’s best-selling lashes such as the Demi Wispies and Magnetic Lash collection. These top-tier products are favored for their ease of application and natural appearance.

As an Ardell Wholesale distributor, QH Distribution is committed to providing our clients with not only a vast product range but also the support needed to thrive in a competitive market. Our wholesale program is designed to offer substantial value, enabling retailers to enhance their offerings with premium products. We invite businesses to explore the benefits of partnering with us, enhancing their product lineup with quality Ardell Lashes.

Continue reading for more insights on individual products and how they can enrich your beauty offerings.

Ardell lashes have proven their superior quality and versatility, providing styles that range from subtly enhancing to boldly transformative. These products are crafted to suit various eye shapes and makeup looks. Wholesalers and retailers can access Ardell lashes wholesale, enabling them to meet diverse consumer preferences with ease.

Demi Wispies

Ardell Demi Wispies wholesale offers an unmatched natural look that has consistently made them a bestseller, with over 4,000 units sold in the past month. These lashes are favored for their lightweight design and invisible band, receiving more than 10,000 5-star reviews from consumers. Offering these in your product line means tapping into a proven market favorite, ensuring quick sales turnover and high customer satisfaction.

Demi Wispies
Demi Wispies

Here are some of Ardell Demi Wispies SKUs that are available at QH Distribution:

  • Twin Pack Faux Mink Demi Wispies
  • Pre-Cut Strip Lashes Demi Wispies
  • Strip Lashes Demi Wispies Wine
  • Strip Lashes Baby Demi Wispies Black
  • Strip Lashes Double Up Demi Wispies

Studio Effects Wispies

Ardell Studio Effects Wispies, available through QH Distribution in 3 SKUs, offer a dramatic enhancement over traditional lashes by providing extra volume and a layered, dimensional look. These lashes are carefully crafted to replicate a professional makeup artist’s touch, making them highly sought after for their standout appearance. Wholesalers carrying these lashes benefit from appealing to consumers who desire high-quality lash effects, potentially increasing sales opportunities.

Studio Effects Wispies
Studio Effects Wispies

The available Ardell Studio Effects Wispies SKUs:

  • Strip Lashes Studio Effects Wispies Black
  • Twin Pack Studio Effects Wispies
  • Ardell 4 Pack – Studio Effects Wispies

Natural 110

Ardell Natural 110 eyelashes, offered in 7 distinct SKUs by QH Distribution, provide a subtle yet beautiful enhancement, ideal for daily wear. Known for their lightweight and comfortable fit, these lashes sold more than 3,000 units in the past month. Stocking Ardell Natural 110 ensures steady sales thanks to the product’s widespread appeal and high customer satisfaction reflected in numerous 5-star reviews.

Natural 110
Natural 110

Have a look at Ardell Natural 110 lashes SKUs:

  • Strip Lashes Natural 110 Black 
  • Strip Lashes Natural 110 Wine
  • Twin Pack Natural 110
  • Strip Lashes 5 Pack Natural 110 Black
  • Starter Kit Strip Lashes Natural 110 Black

Natural 105

Ardell Natural 105 lashes are celebrated for their full, fluttery appearance that adds just the right amount of length and volume. These lashes are a favorite across the US for their effortless blend into the natural lash line, providing an elegant lift suitable for every look. Wholesalers benefit from including Ardell Natural 105 in their inventory due to its consistent demand and the ability to attract customers looking for reliable, high-quality false lashes.

Three SKUs of Ardell Natural 105 lashes at QH Distribution:

  • Strip Lashes 5 Pack Natural 105 Black
  • Twin Pack Natural 105
  • Strip Lashes Natural 105 Black


Ardell’s range of nail products brings the same level of quality and innovation that has made their lashes iconic. Known for their durability and variety, Ardell offers an array of nail enhancements that cater to a professional finish. As an Ardell wholesale distributor, QH Distribution provides 120 SKUs of these top-tier nail products, ensuring beauty retailers can meet diverse needs.

Ardell Nail Addict

Ardell Nail Addict
Ardell Nail Addict

The Ardell Nail Addict false nails offer a versatile and fashionable range of designs that cater to a wide audience. Popular across the US for their quality and variety, these nails come in over 80 SKUs available at QH Distribution. Wholesalers benefit from carrying this line by providing customers with high-quality, trendy nail solutions that encourage repeat purchases and broaden market appeal.

We offer some of Ardell Nail Addict SKUs that available: 

  • Nail Addict Natural Ballerina
  • Nail Addict Nude Camel
  • Nail Addict Blue Lagoon
  • Nail Addict Sorbet
  • Nail Addict Nude Pink
  • Nail Addict Bordeaux

Nail Decal

Nail Decal
Nail Decal

Ardell’s Nail Decals are known for their ease of use and creative designs, making them a favorite among DIY beauty enthusiasts across the US. These decals allow users to achieve salon-quality nail art at home, contributing to their growing popularity.

Ardell Nail Decals will offer a low-cost, high-interest product that attracts customers seeking personalized beauty solutions, enhancing both sales and customer satisfaction.

Three SKUs of Nail Decal from Ardell that we carry here:

  • Nail Decals Boho Chic 
  • Nail Decals Lace & Gem 
  • Nail Decals Pretty in Pink

Professional Nail Glue

Professional Nail Glue
Professional Nail Glue

Ardell’s Professional Nail Glue is highly regarded for its strong, reliable bond, making it a staple in both professional salons and home use across the US. Its fast-setting formula ensures quick and effective application, enhancing its appeal to customers. This product has consistent demand and the opportunity to cater to both professional beauticians and individual consumers looking for professional-grade nail solutions.


Besides wholesale Ardell lashes, brow products from this brand, also popular thanks to their precision and lasting wear, are staples in the beauty industry. These range from easy-to-use pencils to brow pomades that suit a spectrum of hair colors and skin tones. Ardell wholesale offerings, available through QH Distribution, include these essential brow grooming tools, enabling retailers to supply quality and variety to discerning customers.

Brow Sculpting Gel Clear

Brow Sculpting Gel Clear
Brow Sculpting Gel Clear

Ardell’s Brow Sculpting Gel Clear is renowned for its stronghold and easy application, making it a favorite for creating flawless eyebrow looks in the US. It’s clear formula provides a natural finish while keeping brows in place throughout the day. Wholesalers will find this product in high demand among consumers seeking reliable and effortless brow styling options.

Ardell Brow Defining Kit

The Ardell Brow Defining Kit offers a comprehensive solution for perfect eyebrows, featuring tools and shades designed to fit a variety of brow shapes and colors. Popular in the US for its versatility and complete package, this kit meets the growing trend of meticulous brow grooming. Wholesalers benefit from its popularity, providing a sought-after product that encourages repeat customer purchases.

Ardell Brow Defining Kit
Ardell Brow Defining Kit

Brow Pomade Medium Brown

Ardell Brow Pomade is available in four shades at QH Distribution and is celebrated for its smooth application and durable, pigment-rich formula. Brow Pomade Medium Brown is a go-to for US consumers looking to achieve professional-grade eyebrow looks at home. This brow pomade will help wholesalers tap into the substantial market of beauty enthusiasts.

Here are the other shades of Ardell Brow Pomade:

  • Brow Pomade Soft Black
  • Brow Pomade Taupe
  • Brow Pomade Dark Brown
Brow Pomade Medium Brown
Brow Pomade Medium Brown

Other Ardell Products

We offer an extensive range of additional Ardell products beyond our primary lines, ensuring that every customer finds exactly what they need. Lash and brow accessories, our selection includes more than just the basics, covering all aspects of eye-enhancing beauty. Each product is chosen to offer wholesalers the opportunity to cater to diverse consumer preferences with high-quality Ardell items.

  • Magnetic Single 110
  • Twin Pack + 1 gram DUO Pipette Naked Lashes 429
  • Strip Lashes Self-Adhesive 105S
  • Seamless Refill 3D Faux Mink
  • Seamless Glue & Seal Clear
  • Nail Diamond Halo
  • Strong Hold Glue Clear
  • Mechanical Brow Pencil with Spoolie Medium Brown
  • Ardell Brow Glue

Leverage Our 40 Years of Experience in Cosmetics Distribution

At QH Distribution, our four decades of navigating the complexities of cosmetics distribution have equipped us with unparalleled expertise. We have honed a deep understanding of what it takes to succeed in this dynamic industry. Our team’s extensive experience ensures that we can anticipate market trends and respond with agility, offering our partners not just products, but strategic insights and a competitive edge in the market.

Wide Range of Products 

Our long-standing presence in the market has allowed us to build robust relationships with top cosmetics brands, namely Ardell, a leader in false eyelashes. We offer a comprehensive catalog of hundreds of Ardell products, including the latest innovations in lash technology. This wide-ranging selection underscores our commitment to providing a diverse array of high-quality products that cater to the varied needs of beauty retailers and salons.

Partnership Benefits 

Partnering with QH Distribution means more than just accessing a broad selection of cosmetics. It means benefiting from our expertise, tailored support, and the competitive pricing we can offer. Retailers and wholesalers can trust in our ability to supply in-demand Ardell products reliably, ensuring they can meet their customers’ needs with the best items on the market, such as Ardell lashes in bulk, at wholesale prices.

Staying relevant in a rapidly evolving industry is key, and at QH Distribution, we continuously adapt our strategies and operations to the changing needs of the market. Our partners benefit from this forward-thinking approach, enjoying regular updates on new product lines and innovations that can drive their sales and customer satisfaction.

At QH Distribution, we leverage our 40 years of experience to provide not just Ardell wholesale products but a comprehensive partnership that supports your business growth. Contact us to discover how our expertise in Ardell lashes wholesale and other cosmetics can enhance your offerings and satisfy your clients. Complete the form and tap into the power of a seasoned distributor committed to your success.

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